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We've Declared Homestead in Downtown Canton, TX

We've Declared Homestead in Downtown Canton, TX


Well, we've done it. We have declared homestead in Downtown Canton, TX. In addition to our spot on Row 46 at the spectacular First Monday Canton Trade Days, we now have a permanent place to call home. We're thrilled to be a part of the amazing merchant pool downtown, and we look forward to building community relationships with you. Stop by and see us! From Hat Bars to Floral Bars to Clothing & Accessories, Vintage, Junktiques, Custom Charcuteries and more, we're a FRANCH style mercantile with a little something for everyone.

Here's a little more about us...

Homestead is a FRANCH style Trading Company & Atelier giving a nod to the pioneering women who trail blazed, table grazed and shared campfireside dreams as they fearlessly led their families in red dirt dusted wagons to their final destination. They arrived. They settled. They planted roots. They raised their families. They created traditions. They broke bread together. They lived off the land. They built their legacies. They declared homestead.

Homestead honors that Southern legacy, and we infuse it with European Luxe to create a beautifully Southern-Fried, French-Kissed Home. We raise our gilded champagne glasses to Southern women and their certain je ne sais quoi – their unspeakable, indescribable thing – and we celebrate their spirit of owning who they are and celebrating that by building an inspired lifestyle around it. Southern women have a sense of formality, juxtaposed by the creature comforts of home, and Homestead Trading Company helps curate that “meanwhile-back-at-the-ranch-french-infused” recipe for a perfectly comfy couture lifestyle. We subscribe to the notion that building a household is both a romantic endeavor and a complete celebration of a woman’s personal soul, and our shoppe symbolizes the heart, soul and romance of making a home. Welcome to homestead.

Homestead Trading Company embraces the art of lifestyle, personally creating our own custom designs and carefully infusing the craftsmanship of our by invitation only traders who, when you walk through our doors, take you on a sensory journey. We’ve only left a small amount to the imagination, as you are immediately greeted by the wafting fragrance of dried flowers & pot pourri from our LE FLEUR BAR & spicy goodness from our giftable LE JARDIN garden & herb bar. We serve up sweet and savory samplers from time to time of our favorite recipes on our grazing table and in the very near future, you'll even be able to purchase some of the elements in the recipe along with kitchen items to make it at home. 

You’ll feel like you’re in a European Spa with our LIFE OF BATH Bath & Body Collection. And, because we celebrate the almost lost art of giving, we can turn any of our merchandise in store into your own curated gift ensemble in our LE CADEAU Art of Gifting Section. We offer custom gift-wrapping for all of our items or we can sell you the ensemble elements and allow you to work your gift giving magic. We love paper, and we are graphic designers and branders, so our full-on LE PAPIER & QUILL Art of Writing section features custom monogram stationery, fragranced papers, custom writing utensils, Quills and our own line of stationery.

We pepper in beautifully curated Antiques & Vintage, home décor from all over the world and clothing & accessories, to give you the full FRANCH style experience. When you walk through our doors, we give you all the feels associated with a perfectly romantic…if not a little rustic…southern home.

We're also FRANCH style clothiers. We curate unique outfits that celebrate  trailblazing women while wrapping them in French style.  Our BAR H Hat Bar offers hand embellished hats along with all the trimmings so that you can build your own or allow us the pleasure of building one for you.  Our line of hand crafted Sterling Silver & Artisan designed jewelry embodies the Native American & Old West spirit. We also offer a line of accessories to tie it all together.

We’re more than just a store. We’re a lifestyle; a gathering place for inspiration. We encourage our customers to live and breathe in our brand, sharing recipes, breaking bread and sharing stories around our grazing tables, custom home décor and more.


The home is the centre and circumference, the start and the finish, of most of our lives. - Charlotte Perkins Gilman



We’re more than just a store. We’re an experience. We’re a shared table. We’re legacy builders. We encourage you to not only shop with us, but to infuse the experience into the walls of your home. Building a home and inviting others into it is an art…an almost lost art. We celebrate the joy of sharing a home and we want you to do the same. Pay it forward. Share the Joy. Break bread with your friends. Be the home that others are inspired by. Declare Homestead.

Not only do we curate unique home decor, talented traders, handcrafted items and comfy luxe goods, we can curate that in your home or for your special event, as well. Are you inspired by curated gift baskets that feature unique, personalized items? We can build the perfect personalized gift basket for any occasion. Are you trying to create a specific look in your home but don’t really know where to start? We can help with that, as well, with our home decorating consultancy. Starting a business and need help branding and designing it?  We do that, too.


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